with summer over, this mix captures the joy of rainfall after a drought, the calm of a warm bath, and the fear of the deep unknown and what lurks there.

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The ineffable genre of "Water Music", songs about or centering water-adjacent experiences, has always been one of my favorites. There are countless demoscene tracks that feature water prominently, due partially to water also being a fascinating thing to render in real time.

The impetus for this mix came when I heard fusoxide's opening track for their new release, The Dynamically Generated Future, which captures that demoscene/early 3D game underwater vibe perfectly. From there I wanted to capture both newer digital fusion music from the scene, as well as older tracks that have stuck with me, such as xerxes' and Ceekayed fantastic tracked work, and Plaid's wonderful "light rain".

Most of these tracks are pretty directly in reference to rain, water, the ocean and so on, but at least a few probably don't have a direct relationship to water, but they just FEEL that way to me, like Shirobon's "Umbra" and coda's "Safety Layer".

This mix also serves as my autumn mix, as I strongly associate water and the fall season, especially now that I live in California and the 7-ish month drought comes to an end at last! Tracks like mandrasigma's "Rainwalker", and aivi's "silver lining", both from exciting new digital fusion label Infloresce Records (which I'm part of as a mastering engineer), capture in my mind the joy of rain.

a summery playlist, travelling from japan's city pop and retro-future jams, to brazil's bossa nova, and landing on american jazz fusion and jazz-tinged pop.

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This mix is a bit of a change from my previous ones, which were specifically aiming for newer releases with a focus on digital fusion. For this one, I was inspired by the summer's sweltering heat to let my mind wander to worldwide genres that make me feel like summer.

Starting with Japanese city pop. I included a selection of classics, like "Clouds" by Tatsuro Yamashita, as well as SUPER DRAGON's cover of "Kimi wa 1000%", but also modern takes, like Mukajudan's wonderful Maboroshi Time Machine and Flamingo by Asako Toki.

Drifting onward from this sound, I landed on the bossa nova sound from Brazil: Jobim, Banda Black Rio (although they might be considered funk instead), and many other pioneers from that time.

Finally, I selected some of the most summery tracks from the US jazz fusion and jazzy, summery side of r'n'b from the 70s and 80s: Steely Dan is a must of course, and I recently discovered that "I Can't Help It" by Michael Jackson was written by Stevie Wonder, a real sleeper track with stellar production by Quincy Jones. I also included some of my favorite instrumental jazz fusion tracks to close the set out, with Ramsey Lewis' "Brazilica" tying it all together. Get a cold drink and sit under the intercontinental palm trees!

"if you want to fly, you have to be ready to crash and burn. now let's GO! FULL BLAST!!"

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Happy birthday, Sonic the Hedgehog! If you need a boost of energy, this is the mix for you! I started this based on bgm_08 by Yoshimi Kudo (presumed), a track from the entirely embarrassing boobie shmup based on the Dragon Maid franchise.

I wanted to put a lot of tracks that show what you can do with different definitions of speed, not necessarily always high BPM. The energy level is high, and there's plenty of detail, with 16th and even 32nd notes portraying a dense grid. Though there is plenty of high BPM to enjoy as well, with the spectacular full version of "Aegleseeker" by Silentroom and Frums (which has the honor of the highest BPM of all the tracks here), "疾走あんさんぶる" by BeatMARIO, and "Backspin" by MEMODEMO, from which this mix takes its name. Also, sometimes you just a break for contrast, you know?

This mix is a combination of digital fusion, BMS and VGM (especially from shmups), subcultures that always exemplify the highest energy bops. I hope you enjoy!