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surasshu is a music composer and sound designer from the Netherlands, specializing in soundtracks for video games and animation. As a kid, he was fascinated by video games and their peculiar music. At age 12, a friend gave him a tracker on a floppy disk and jump-started his interest in composing.

surasshu became an active part of the digital fusion community online, and practiced composing by competing in one-hour compos. He went to college at Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht, where he studied composition for games and received his Master of Arts in Music, and Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Sound Design.

In 2004, surasshu applied for a job posted by Ian Stocker, who was seeking help with composition for Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance games. This led to the start of surasshu's career as a freelance composer, and he wrote music for movie tie-in games, handheld ports of console games, and indie games.

In 2012, surasshu met American composer Aivi Tran. They debuted as the band aivi & surasshu with the album The Black Box, released under the label Ubiktune. Shortly after, the duo was asked by Rebecca Sugar to compose music for the animated series, Steven Universe on Cartoon Network. aivi & surasshu have composed music for many projects together since, including the indie game Ikenfell. They are happily married and recently welcomed a baby boy!

When he's not composing, surasshu enjoys birdwatching, cooking, board games, and playing with his two cats.


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