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mix: water season

with summer over, this mix captures the joy of rainfall after a drought, the calm of a warm bath, and the fear of the deep unknown and what lurks there.

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The ineffable genre of "Water Music", songs about or centering water-adjacent experiences, has always been one of my favorites. There are countless demoscene tracks that feature water prominently, due partially to water also being a fascinating thing to render in real time.

The impetus for this mix came when I heard fusoxide's opening track for their new release, The Dynamically Generated Future, which captures that demoscene/early 3D game underwater vibe perfectly. From there I wanted to capture both newer digital fusion music from the scene, as well as older tracks that have stuck with me, such as xerxes' and Ceekayed fantastic tracked work, and Plaid's wonderful "light rain".

Most of these tracks are pretty directly in reference to rain, water, the ocean and so on, but at least a few probably don't have a direct relationship to water, but they just FEEL that way to me, like Shirobon's "Umbra" and coda's "Safety Layer".

This mix also serves as my autumn mix, as I strongly associate water and the fall season, especially now that I live in California and the 7-ish month drought comes to an end at last! Tracks like mandrasigma's "Rainwalker", and aivi's "silver lining", both from exciting new digital fusion label Infloresce Records (which I'm part of as a mastering engineer), capture in my mind the joy of rain.

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